Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Cook Books

I enjoyed making my last post, with the food photos and recipe.  There's something about photographing food before you sit down to eat it which makes you appreciate it, not just as something to fill up a hungry stomach, but a work of art that has been lovingly prepared.  I will probably be including more recipe posts in future.

I love cookbooks, and get a lot of ideas and recipes from The Cranks Bible - a great resource for staple vegetarian meals.

Are you sure that's vegan?My other two favourite cookbooks are opposites of each other:

Cranks Light - Full of healthy, fresh, colourful food that leaves me feeling light and energised.

Are You Sure That's Vegan? - For when I want to indulge myself.  Whenever I get nostalgic for dairy/egg/meat recipes, I turn here for a vegan alternative.  Also good for feeding non-vegans who are wary of trying new things.

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